Geng Bao Li is my Chinese name. (In Chinese last names go first.)  And I have enjoyed the opportunity to reinvent myself with a new name in a new country. I am originally from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

 This blog is an opportunity for me to recount my adventures in China teaching English at Wuhan New Oriental. I will be living in Wuhan for 8 months and currently have only very basic Chinese. I am conducting this internship with AIESEC, which is the largest student run organization in the world with over 30,000 members and present in over 107 countries in the world. AIESEC provides students with the opportunity to work abroad and to gain valuable leadership experience and business savy.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Cathy Loudon Says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    You write very well. I enjoyed reading your first two entries. I am sure it will get easier as your Chinese improves. Nevertheless I admire you for your willingness to take on an experience that is full of so many challenges.

    Keep well. I look forward to reading future blogs.

    Cathy Loudon

    • gengbaoli Says:

      Thanks Cathy. I hope you are well too. Any plans to move yet?

      • Cathy Loudon Says:

        Hi Bonnie,

        I just read your last blog about the dogs and monkeys and thought of my daughter who would likely be completely distraught over the way they are treated. She is almost 18 and hopes to have a career with animals. Chris has been her math tutor – perhaps he mentioned that to you.

        Anyway I didn’t realize you had answered my comment until I checked out your blog to send it to my husband so he can follow your journey too. I had a job interview on Dec. 15 in SSMarie with NRCan and learned on Jan. 12 that none of the 4 candidates passed the interview. We all failed one or more questions so now they have to start all over. That was unexpected. but somewhat comforting that no one passed. Also proves that their process was flawed. Kind of a waste of their time and money don’t you think? They even flew an Atlantic regional director to be on the panel and they flew me on Bearskin to SSMarie.

        For some reason I can’t see the right hand side of the reply box so can’t tell if there are typos. If you see anything weird, that’s why.

        Bye for now

      • gengbaoli Says:

        Yes he has mentioned Emma to me and her great sense of humour. That’s wonderful that she is considering a career with animals. As for your interview, that sounds like a very frustrating and stressful ordeal. I’m sorry to hear that and doubly sorry to hear our tax dollars are being so poorly spent. Take care of yourself and say hi to Chris from me!

  2. Jas Says:

    Ni Hao, Bonnie 🙂 I am a friend of Lance’s. He showed me your blog last night and I just couldn’t stop reading. Your interesting stories remind me how excited I was when I came to Canada a few years ago. I am from Shanghai, China. I am the only child in the family. I have never been to WuHan.
    You’re right – speaking another language is like living in a different life. The pop culture I learned through these years only makes my conversation with others smooth, yet not so deep. Not to mention the food, the music, the childhood memories…
    However, it’s a life time experience, isn’t it? Your blog is like a reversed adventure of mine. I really enjoy reading it. Keep posting. You’ve got one more fan 😉
    Jia You !!!

    • gengbaoli Says:

      I’m so happy you like reading my blog! I love writing it! I think, it would certainly be interesting to hear your impressions of Canada. Thanks so much for your kind words and interest!

  3. Lance He Says:

    Hi Baoli,

    I think we met at Dave’s party. Christine sent me this link the other day and I enjoyed reading your stories very much. I hope everything is well with you. If you ever need anything, I am here to help. you have got my email!!!

    • gengbaoli Says:

      Hey I remember! Hope you are doing well. I start Chinese class in a month and am quite excited. It’s challenging but really fun. Glad you have enjoyed reading. Keep on!!!

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